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Community and workplace collaboration

Learning, innovation, motivation and community growth are increasingly promoted through the facilitation of on-going interaction of people. Learning results through the exploration of common interests, the exploration of new perspectives (often found at or beyond organisational or community boundaries) and the synthesis of conflicting interests.

CDLS applies collaborative strategies to:

Collaborative technologies

CDLS draws on the expertise of outstanding associates to ensure that online interaction is enabled and supported by best value products and services. Solutions may involve either generic or specifically developed/packaged interactive platforms, depending on the needs &/or resources of the groups involved.

In a very short space of time, we engaged key stakeholders and service peers in the development of a robust strategic plan. This was followed with aligned business plans and a performance development program, designed to support the implementation of key goals and the development of team members. The success of this process was largely due to the collaborative and open partnership we had with Critical Difference Learning Solutions.
Kate Haeusler
Community Participation Service Provider