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Building Better Futures - Change, Innovation & Strategy

Critical Difference has extensive, successful experience facilitating timely and effective change and innovation, and the development of dynamic and engaging strategy. We employ critical thinking, rigorous planning and engaging collaborative approaches to generate positive, actionable outcomes.

The power of one:

We actively encourage individuals to think innovatively and strategically to build powerful community and/or organisational outcomes.

The magnified power of collaborative thinking:

We believe that the exploration and determination of critical change, innovation and strategy are strengthened when informed by diversity of thought, experience and perspective. Our approaches include combinations of storytelling/sharing, appreciative investigation (exploring and building on past success), collaborative learning and addressing blind-spots/barriers to provide powerful understanding for driving change, innovation & strategy.

We focus on:

I have consistently been impressed by the innovative, practical and positive solutions that have resulted from my partnerships with Critical Difference.
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(Mining, Manufacturing & Government Services)