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Building performance through purpose, vision, human capability and shared direction

Organisational effectiveness is enhanced when people have clear purpose and direction, and when action is taken to identify and build cultures, capabilities, interactions and practices that support that direction. Critical Difference will work in partnership with your organisation/group to identify and address the specific needs of your business, organisation or team. Such needs may include:

In a very short space of time, we engaged key stakeholders in the development of a robust strategic plan. This was followed with aligned business plans and a performance development program which supported achievement of key goals and the timely development of team members. Success was largely due to the collaborative and open partnership we had with Critical Difference Learning Solutions.
Executive Manager
Community Service Provider

Critical Difference has been an energetic and dedicated partner in helping to build an engaged and talented workforce, committed to delivering outstanding healthcare. The partnership has included the following interventions: the development and implementation of a Performance Development Program; conflict resolution and team building; values clarification and promotion; leadership development and coaching; strategic human resource alignment; and, change facilitation.
Manager, Workforce Planning
Health Sector