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Learning & Development Opportunities

We pride ourselves on the creation and delivery of outstanding development opportunities that meet the specific needs of the individuals, teams, organisations and communities with which we work. Such opportunities may include Workshops, 360 Feedback, Coaching, on-going Development Planning & Support, online interaction & conversation and, where relevant, module writing. Content and focus will be specific to the purpose of the intervention and the needs of participants.

A sample of our workshops is outlined below:

Leadership & Management Development

We draw on current and relevant research to develop and deliver informed and challenging leadership and management opportunities for both practising and potential leaders and managers. Our programs fully address the changing nature of the contemporary leadership and management challenge and build engaging, holistic and enabling learning opportunities to ensure participants address and meet these challenges.

Development tools:

  • Benchmarks (Centre for Creative Leadership)
  • Skillscope (Centre for Creative Leadership)
  • LBB Insight (Australian Cultural Imprint for Leadership)
  • CPI (Californian Psychological Inventory)
  • Uniquely developed tools to meet specific needs

Influencing & working with others

The skill of influencing and working effectively with others is critical for many areas of work and life. Understanding and managing the impact of personal differences, in outlook and personal preferences, is vital in establishing and maintaining significant relationships. This workshop uses relevant and contemporary tools to build awareness of self and others, and the ability to productively apply that awareness to the establishment of effective relationships and communication with others.

Development tools:

  • Relevant behavioural styles &/or personality styles framework
  • BarOn EQi
  • Various tools developed &/or customised to meet the specific requirements of the client group.

Understanding Personality and Growth Mindsets

Our personalities can have a profound impact on the way that we act, as individuals and as team members. Understanding key aspects of personality, and the impact these may have on our actions and interactions, is critical. Equally critical is the value of GROWTH MINDSETS in helping us become the people we wish to be. We provide tools, learning experiences and coaching to build self-awareness and growth-centred outlooks. settings.

Development tools:

  • MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator)
  • CPI (Californian Psychological Inventory)

Performance Feedback & Conversations

Effective performance feedback and conversations are critical to individual performance and motivation, and to outstanding organisational performance. CDLS has extensive and successful experience in developing the skills, structure and processes required to ensure that effective performance feedback and conversation becomes a key component in the success of your organisation.

Development tools:

  • We apply a range tools, especially developed or customised to meet the needs of this program.

Teamwork & Team Development

Effective teamwork is critical to the success of many organisations and businesses. High performance teamwork draws and aligns the varied capabilities, perspectives and personalities of each individual to achieve success. We apply a range of relevant tools (commercial and specifically developed) to examine the dynamic nature of teamwork and its development.

Effective coaching

A key component of effective management & leadership is the ability to coach others. Critical Difference provides training in the use a Solutions Focused approach to coaching, as a means of gaining commitment and positive outcomes for employees or community members.

Emotional Intelligence

The ability to identify, understand, manage and constructively engage the emotions of self and others is critical to personal, team and organisational success. We provide a range of options through which individuals or groups can fully explore the concept of emotional intelligence and its implications for individual and/or team development.

Development tool:

  • BarOn EQi

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This is only a selection of the workshops &/or learning opportunities that we offer. Whatever the learning needs of your organisation or community might be, we will find the development solution that best suits you.