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Critical Difference Learning Solutions works in partnership with clients to build the contribution, capacity and performance of their people. This is achieved by:

Director and Principal Consultant

Rob Woodward has had success facilitating change in a broad range of organisational settings in both Australia and New Zealand. This has been achieved by helping to build strategies, practices, capabilities and/or relationships which maximise the contribution that people make to organisational performance and competitive advantage.

Rob is a certified human resources professional with senior management experience and a successful record as consultant, facilitator, teacher and coach. He has broad experience in diverse industry sectors, is a member of the Neuro Leadership Institute, and teaches post-graduate studies in leadership, change & human resource management. Rob's approach is both practical and grounded in contemporary research in the areas of human resource management, organisational development, learning and knowledge generation.


CDLS is able to draw on the expertise of a number of high quality associates to ensure that client needs are fully addressed and program outcomes are maximised.