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Building The Critical Difference

Organisational Development

Critical Difference is a customer-focused Organisational Development consultancy, specialising in organisational purpose, direction, effectiveness and people practices. With a passion for collaborating with for-purpose organisations and communities, we support diverse client groups to develop positive, forward-thinking and practical solutions. Such solutions are based on successful and extensive experience, and are informed by contemporary knowledge and practice.

We have worked successfully with organisations/communities of all types and sizes, to identify and build the focus, direction, culture, practices, capability and interactions that underpin success.


We are proud of our high quality design service, and the team of associates who offer a diverse and innovative range of design solutions.

Project Management

Critical Difference has extensive and successful experience in the effective, responsive and timely management of a diverse range of projects.

Registered Company Name

Critical Difference Learning Solutions Pty. Ltd.

Additional Business Names

Critical Difference
Critical Difference Design and Organisational Development

Our Passion

A critical driving force in all that we do is our commitment to supporting a better world for the future. We are passionate in our commitment to helping build a future world filled with hope and possibility, achieved through: the inclusion of diverse outlooks and lifestyles; the provision of real access to opportunities to achieve individual and collective potential; commitment to understanding and supporting the needs and well-being of our fellow human beings; fair, reasonable and just action on the part of business, government and all those whose actions impact the well-being of others; and, protection of both the local and world environment, immediately focusing on reducing our carbon footprint.